The Little Apple, Konza Prairie, and KSU

From July 6th to the 9th, we were in Manhattan, KS.  We stayed at Tuttle Creek Lake, River Pond area.  We broke out our inflatable Sea Eagle kayak for her second voyage.  First time we had her out, we pretty much rowed in circles.  We discovered that she maneuvers much better when you face the seats so that the skegs are in the back of the boat.

Hiked the Konza Prairie, 4.5 miles on the Kings Creek Loop.  I might have told Cyndi the hills were “rolling.”  Turns out they feel like mountains when it’s 90 degrees.

Toured KSU, where I worked for sixteen years.  Lots of construction going on, including remediation of a fire at Hale Library.

After our campus tour, we stopped in for a drink at one of my old favorite haunts, the Rock-A-Belly Deli.  Being a Yankee, Cyndi was understandably confused about how something called a “deli” could actually be a bar.

Finished up with a tour of the Flint Hills Discovery Center.  This had not yet opened when I left KSU in 2012.  It’s really amazing, and worth a visit.  There’s a beautiful film about the history of the prairie, with snow and wind and smoke special effects.  Kelley Hunt’s song Heartland plays over the closing credits.

Photo album here


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