Badlands National Park – South Dakota

From July 11th to 14th, we were in Interior, South Dakota, population 67.  The campground is less than a mile from the entrance to Badlands National Park.

This landscape was like nothing we had ever seen before.  Millions of years in the making….a fantastic place for discovering fossils.  This all used to be at the bottom of the ocean that covered the central United States.

We made some new friends in Interior!  Jason and Justin from Wisconsin were our next door neighbors. We went out on town with them one night to the Wagon Wheel Bar and Grill, where we met an (infamous) local.  She told us she has a dragon tattoo on her bottom, so that she can tell people that “her ass is draggin.'”

We ended our last night with dinner at the campgrounds made by Billy Rae’s Badlands BBQ. Billy Rae worked at the W Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia before he made his way to South Dakota.  He makes a fabulous blueberry BBQ sauce.

For more photos of the Badlands, go here


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