Douglas,Wyoming and Ayres Natural Bridge

From July 14th to 16th, we were in Douglas, Wyoming.  We stayed at a KOA campground, our first.  Sort of like an apartment complex for RVs, but super well organized with lots of amenities.  We were happy to have a couple of days of down time before heading into the thick of the busiest National Parks.

As it turns out, Douglas is officially recognized as Jackalope City.  From what I can tell, this animal is a relative of the lesser southern snipe.  We saw some similar creatures around the campsite, though they had no horns. Must have been juveniles.

Trophy Jackalope

First day in Douglas was very hot, but the weather broke in the evening with the arrival of some storms.

Corral view

On our second day in Douglas, we made the short drive to Ayres Natural Bridge, which is a county park.  Cyndi found a “back way,” which in Wyoming means a winding dirt road through cattle ranches.  We drove past Boot Ranch on the way.  Then we wound up at the bridge, which is a no-fee county park.  Rocks like this are ordinary around here.

For more photos, go here…

Now we’re off to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone.

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