Dubois, Wyoming

From July 16th to 21st, we were in Dubois, Wyoming, which was our base for exploring Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.  It’s about 70 miles from Yellowstone, which is in itself a huge place.  But it was as close to the park as we could get an RV reservation – and as we discovered, Dubois itself was quite an adventure.  We had a campsite right on the Wind River, where we enjoyed some beautiful sunsets.

We met some friendly locals and people passing through at the neighborhood bar.  On the first night we were there, we met two women friends who had traveled to Dubois from California to scatter the ashes of one of their mothers.

Dubois had been her favorite place, and her parents had moved and lived there for many years.

There’s a dice game common in Wyoming bars that involves paying $1.50 (or so) to shake a cup of five (or six) dice to win free drinks.  First night, Dana hit two throws of four of a kind and won a 12-pack of beer….next time in the bar was not so lucky.

On the 18th, we just hung around town, visiting the Whiskey Basin Wildlife Habitat and Bighorn Sheep Center.  The Whiskey Basin area – another trip down a hilly, winding, dirt road – includes three lakes nestled in high cliffs with a view of the Tetons.  We were all alone at the lake, and Sunny got to run around like a crazy dog.

Our final night involved a local rodeo, campfire, moonlight and Wyoming whiskey by the river.

We had a great time in this unexpectedly special, quirky place.

On the way out of Dubois, we picked up our RV mascot, Jackie Lope.

Meet Jackie Lope
Jackie in traveling position







For more photos, including “antler art” click here

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