Norris Hot Springs, Montana

We stayed one night here, on July 21st.  On the way, we drove through Yellowstone, emerging in the touristy and overdeveloped town of West Yellowstone, Montana.  It was quite a contrast to the emptiness and beauty of the Park.  Just outside of town, we encountered Quake Lake, which sits in giant jagged hills and was formed by a massive earthquake in 1959 in which 28 people were killed.  The lake is 5 miles long, about a third of a mile wide, and 190 feet deep.  We stopped in at the Visitor’s Center, which is perched at the summit of a cliff with a view of the lake and canyon.

Quake Lake

Then on to Norris Hot Springs.  This was a random choice for us, as it split the distance between Dubois and Polson, Montana.  This is a very small campground with nine RV sites next to a natural hot spring.


The place already felt pretty funky/crunchy granola, but then we found we were there on a live music night.  The  Lucky Valentines played on the Holy Bucket Bluegrass stage, which is a geodesic dome tent in front of the pool.

Bucket of Bluegrass

All in all, a beautiful if quirky stop on our way to Glacier National Park.

For more photos, go here.

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