Cannon Beach, Oregon

From 8/7 to 8/12, we were in Cannon Beach.  I was there for a couple of days by myself, and then I drove to Portland to pick Cyndi up at the airport.

My first day there was a bit of an adventure, however.  When I drove into the RV park, there was a sign for the entrance that – I swear – pointed me to right when it should have pointed forward.  Again, I wound up at a dead end gravel road on a narrow hiking trail (more on this trail later).  So I unhooked the Jeep, moved it out of the way, and drove back to the RV park.  I scraped the back of the RV on a tree while backing into my site.  Thanks to Marv from Washington for saving my butt (literally).  I walked up the road later to get the Jeep.

The coast of Oregon is rugged and beautiful. Sunny agreed. Eureka!  There is another ocean!!  While we were walking on the beach, Cyndi discovered a common murre chick that had fallen from its nest on Haystack Rock and was stranded in the surf chirping for its mother (or father?  or gender-unspecified communal creature?).  She scooped it up and carried it to the lifeguard station, where a US Fish and Wildlife volunteer named Jim wrapped it in his sweater and volunteered to take it to wildlife rehab in Astoria.  Haystack Rock is the main attraction in the area, and (through binoculars) we were able to see a puffin high up on a ledge.

Cannon Beach is a hip little town on the Oregon coast….We found the most interesting winning combination….hardware store and brew pub!!

When I visited Cannon Beach seven years ago, there were hundreds of colorful starfish in the tide pools near the rock.  I couldn’t wait for low tide so I could show them to Cyndi.  We were sad to learn they are completely gone now due to a virus that wiped out the entire starfish colony….a virus that was able to take hold due to global warming’s higher water temperatures.

Here they are in 2011:

Turns out that gravel road led to a cool hiking trail  – the Ecola Creek Preserve.  Luckily only the last quarter mile was directly uphill.

For more photos, click here






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