Coastal 101 and Crater Lake, Oregon

On 8/12, we traveled south on Rt 101 along the beautiful, winding Oregon coast.

Ending our westward travels, we turned east on Highway 20….3,300 miles back to the east coast!


From 8/12 to 8/14, we were in Fort Klamath, Oregon, which is about 70 miles from Crater Lake.

What we could see of the lake was beautiful, but the haze from CA and OR wildfires meant we couldn’t see much.  Still, we were able to take a few photos that captured the color of the lake.

Crater Lake was created in a massive volcanic explosion 7,000 years ago, when the sides of a 12,000 foot volcano blew out and the top of the volcano sank into its center.  Water from snow and rain then created the lake around the top of the volcano, creating the lake.  Crystal clear, the lake is the cleanest body of water in the world and is the deepest in the US at 2,000 feet deep

The center island in the lake was created by the eruption, and the top of old volcano is still visible.

This was an incredible reminder of the power of geology.  For more photos, click here.

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