Traveling, Utah to New Mexico

We passed through Durango, CO on 8/22 and arrived in Taos on 8/23.  The drive from Utah through southern Arizona was spectacular, and we stopped along the way at Chimney Rock National Monument and the Four Corners site.  We’ll definitely be coming back to southern Arizona.

After coming through the desert, we made the last turn for Taos on US-64.  We entered the Carson National Forest, which encompasses 1.5 million acres of New Mexico.  Fairly quickly, we discovered that this was not to be a leisurely drive through the trees.  We started climbing up a narrow, winding road, ultimately reaching more than 10,000 feet.  We gained new appreciation for second gear.  We stopped at the top, where it was about 60 degrees.  The view was incredible.  And if we’re ever in the market for a ranch, there’s a 3,500-acre property available just below the peak for the bargain price of $6 million.

After the climb, we headed down about 3,000 feet to Taos.  Again, a lot of second gear and transmission braking.  On the way in, we passed the Earthship complex of houses made entirely of renewable materials and dug into the desert.  We didn’t make it back for the tour, but it’s on our list.

For more photos, see here.

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